Thursday, February 23, 2012

i think we just crossed the finish line

my 'safe baby' training was awesome

it just made me more passionate about caring for a foster child (if that was even possible)

i now have my first aid certificate - i hope i never have to use it

i got a call today while i was over at a friends house

it was august

she let me know that our home study was approved by the different levels in the ministry! :)

she said she will mail it to us - have us sign it and then mail it back to them.

they will then assign us a social worker, sign a contract and we are open and available to accept a child.

accept she said your case the placement workers already know about you and you may receive a call from them before your contract is signed. normally we don't like to do that but in this case if there is a baby or toddler who comes into care they can call you for a placement.


that means (potentially) we could get a call at anytime day or night and have a child.


we are ready.

i know that this is the calm before the crazy and our world is going to get rocked in a good way but also in a hard way. i am not naive and i know the challenges this will bring. but we are ready. this is where and what we are supposed to be doing. i have never felt stronger knowing we are doing what god has called us to do.

bring it!

this chapter is opening and i cant wait to find out what is in store for us - the good and the bad the ups and the downs.

our hearts can only grow bigger and stronger.

we are ready!



  1. this brings tears to me this morning
    i'm so proud of you and chris
    in a world filled with all the comings and goings of selfishness i am more than grateful to see the two of you rising up to bring love and care to a little one in need
    yes, it's going to be hard but like you said our hearts can only grow bigger and stronger
    'our' hearts include our household and family as we embrace your new foster child also

  2. Laura, thank you for sharing this amazing journey you have started! It is inspiring and challenging to hear about, and we wish you all the best! We have some very dear friends who have done foster care for babies/toddlers for ten years, and it has been wonderful to watch the love and stability they have provided at such a crucial time in these little ones' lives. They have maintained relationships with many of them over the years, and even though no longer in their foster care, these now teens still very much look to them for the stability and love they got in the beginning. I think your family will be such a gift, and what is so incredible is how much of a gift it will be to you, too. Wishing you all the best and hope to keep hearing about it from you!

  3. whooo hoooo!!! whoooo hoooo!!! just so very happy and excited for you friend!!


  4. I am so excited for you all. I believe the Lord has been preparing you for this your entire life. You all certainly know about change and experiencing the Lord's goodness and provision in all circumstances. What a wonderful gift your family will bring to the little one entrusted to your care.